ESAB gas inspectors courses.

We have revised and reformatted our Gas Inspectors Training Programme, Accredited by City & Guilds. These courses are designed to qualify persons to conduct full safety checks on individual oxy-fuel gas welding systems. Following satisfactory completion of the course examination a City and Guilds Certificate is awarded to successful candidates.


The training course is of 2 days duration with an overnight residential stay. The first part of the course involves theoretical instruction on oxy-fuel gas safety, the properties of gases, safe use and operation of systems. A proportion of the instruction is devoted to product design. The training is liberally interspersed with participative exercises illustrating the likely causes of risk.The second day of the course is entirely devoted to practical training. In this "hands on" session the candidates are taught how to fully test an oxy-fuel gas station and pass it off for safe use. Instruction is also given on risk assessment of stations in accordance with current legal requirements.


Each candidate will receive a detailed test manual containing easy to follow steps in the process. The manual covers inspection of regulators, hoses, safety devises and blowpipes and the relevant tests of integrity. Further, each candidate receives his own comprehensive tool kit to carry out the tests and inspection recording documentation.


Any person responsible for the practical safety aspects of oxy-fuel gas systems will benefit from the course. Such persons as safety officers, maintenance staff, supervisors or technical college and school lecturers would benefit.The two day qualification courses are conducted at our Waltham Cross and Chorley premises. Residential accommodation is provided at a local hotel and lunch and dinner are included in the cost. The overall cost of the course is £525 +VAT to cover tutition, training material, toolkit and accommodation.


We are also holding one day Re-Certification courses. These are designed for existing Accredited Inspectors who have already taken the 2 day City and Guilds Course. These are conducted at various locations in the United Kingdom. The cost of the one day Re-Certification courses is £240 + VAT.


Wednesday 25th April / Thursday 26th April – Chorley

Wednesday 16th May / Thursday 17th May – Waltham Cross

Wednesday 19th September / Thursday 20th September – Chorley

Wednesday 3rd October / Thursday 4th October – Waltham Cross

Wednesday 14th November / Thursday 15th November – Chorley

Wednesday 21st November / Thursday 22nd November – Waltham Cross

Agenda for Gas Certification Course

Registration Form for Gas Certification Course


Wednesday 14th March – Waltham Cross

Tuesday 24th April – Chorley

Tuesday 15th May – Waltham Cross

Tuesday 19th June – Waltham Cross

Thursday 21st June – Chorley 

Tuesday 18th September – Chorley 

Tuesday 2nd October – Waltham Cross

Tuesday 6th November – Waltham Cross

Tuesday 13th November – Chorley 

Tuesday 20th November – Waltham Cross

Wednesday 5th December – Glasgow

Agenda for Re-Certification Course

Registration Form for Re-Certification Course


All enquiries should be addressed to - 

ESAB Group (UK) Ltd
Gas Inspectors Course Administrator 
Warlies Park House, Horseshoe Hill, Upshire, EN9 3SL 
Tel: 01992 768515
Fax: 01992 715803
Email -


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