Coreweld Metal Cored wires

Higher Productivity for Welding High-Strength Steels.

ESAB Coreweld metal-cored wires were developed to meet the needs of demanding applications such as structural steel construction, heavy equipment, transportation, bridges, petrochemical processing, offshore rigs, railcars, shipbuilding, pressure vessels, and general fabrication.

Utilising advanced manufacturing processes and specially formulated composite fillers, Coreweld metal-cored wires combine high deposition rates, high deposition efficiencies, high travel speeds, excellent penetration, and ease of use.

The Coreweld family of metal cored wires has now been extended to include high strength grades, all with excellent low temperature toughness.

Coreweld 46 LS Low silica, and especially for mechanised and robotic use READ MORE
Coreweld 46 LT H4 Yield strengths > 460 MPa at -60o C READ MORE
Coreweld 55 LT H4 Yield strengths > 550 MPa at -60o C READ MORE
Coreweld 69 LT H4 Yield strengths > 690 MPa at -60o C READ MORE
Coreweld 89 Yield strengths > 890 MPa at -40o C READ MORE


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