May 12, 2020

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products today launched Coreweld 55 LT H4, the newest product in its series of Coreweld metal cored wires designed for welding high strength steel (HSS). Coreweld 55 LT H4, which conforms to AWS A5.36 E91T15 M21A6-G H4 and EN ISO 18276-A T 55 6 Z M21 2 H5, offers a typical impact toughness of 110 J at -60o C, a yield strength greater than 550 MPa, a tensile strength of 670 MPa and less than 4 ml diffusible hydrogen per 100 gr of deposited weld metal. Applications include semi-automatic and automatic welding of bridge members, crane arms and other lifting equipment, mobile machinery and hoppers and containers.

“Coreweld 55 LT H4 is a fine tuned, lower alloy wire (1.3% Ni) which improves welder appeal with a smooth, stable arc at high welding speeds and good wet-out. It minimises spatter and silica islands, speeding post weld clean-up,” says Neil Farrow, Global Product Manager – Cored Wires, ESAB. He notes that Coreweld 55 LT H4 does not need a copper coating, eliminating the flakes that can block torch liners and cause downtime.

Produced and stocked in Europe, ESAB offers Coreweld 55 LT H4 in 1.2, 1.4 and 1.6 mm diameters; it is available in 16 kg packages and in a 255 kg ESAB Marathon Pac™.

Coreweld Series

ESAB now offers a total of five, European-produced, Coreweld metal cored wires:

As industry has trended toward HSS grades for lighter, higher-performance structures, ESAB has responded with Coreweld metal-cored wires that further increase fabrication efficiency.

“Coreweld HSS wires deliver sub-zero toughness and offer high deposition rates, high deposition efficiencies, faster travel speeds, excellent penetration and ease of use,” says Neil Farrow. “Deposition rates can be as high as 8.0 kg/hour.”

Metal cored wires also offer many other efficiencies compared to solid wires, including little to no post-weld clean-up, excellent sidewall fusion and root penetration, ability to bridge gaps without burn-through and ability weld thin materials at high amperages without burn-through.