May 29, 2020

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has introduced its SR-B 21 and XCT-B 400w high-performance TIG torches. Designed for welding professionals, these compact water-cooled torches offer small torch neck-to-head dimensions to promote access in tight spaces and more precise bead placement. Common features include an ergonomically formed handle with integrated soft grips that keep the handle in place with minimal grip pressure to reduce hand fatigue and Precision Switch technology for comfortable On/Off control. A ball joint on the back allow frees movement in all directions without torsion of the cable assembly, which comes in length options of 4, 8, 12 and 16 m.

Because of its extra-large cooling channels, the SR-B 21 offers a 100 percent duty cycle at 240 amps when AC welding and 340 amps when DC welding. The SR-21 B torch accepts tungsten electrode diameters from 0.5 to 3.2 mm and has rigid or flexible head options.

“Compared to leading competitive SR-20-style torches, the ESAB SR-B 21 provides 40 amps more output for AC welding and 120 amps more output for DC welding,” says Jan Taagaard, Global Product Manager, Torches, ESAB. “The higher duty cycle rating keeps the SR-B 21 torch cooler, which increases operator comfort and allows welding for longer periods of time at higher amperages.”

The torch is part of ESAB’s new SR-B series of TIG torches designed for welding professionals across a spectrum of applications. The SR-B 9, 17, 26 and 26 HD are air-cooled torches with a duty cycle rating of 60 percent at 110, 140, 200 and 230 amps DC, respectively. The SR-B 18, 20, 21 and 400 are water-cooled torches with a duty cycle rating of 100 percent at 220, 320, 340 and 450 amps DC, respectively.

No Gas Lens Needed

The new XCT-B 400w water-cooled torch offers ESAB’s top-of-the-line construction and an even higher duty cycle while maintaining an extremely compact design. The XCT-B 400w offers a 100 percent duty cycle at 315 amps when AC welding and 450 amps when DC welding. It features a unique collet design that consolidates parts — there are only three wear parts — and creates a larger mating surface between the electrode and the water-cooled torch head. This design provides more efficient electrical transfer for greater arc stability and more efficient thermal transfer to keep the torch cooler. The electrode will remain securely fixed even under an extended high-amperage load and will offer longer service life.

“Further, the collet design produces a smooth, laminar gas flow that is comparable to using a gas lens,” says Taagaard. “Users can increase electrode extension or hold the XCT torch farther away from the weld puddle, such as for better visibility of the joint or in a restricted access situation, yet still achieve good gas coverage and porosity-free welds.”

The XCT-B 400w accepts tungsten electrode diameters from 1.6 to 4.0 mm and has gas nozzle length options of 25.5 or 35 mm.


The ESAB SR-B series and XCT-B 400w high performance TIG torches feature a comfortable, compact and cooler operating design. The unique collect design of the XCT (shown) can eliminate the need for a gas lens.