May 17, 2021

ESAB exhibited its Rebel™ EMP series of integrated, compact inverter-based welding systems at the ESAB Europe Xpanse virtual trade show, which ran live from 27 – 29 April. ESAB designed the multiprocess Rebel for those who want the flexibility to go anywhere and weld anything. All Rebel welders provide MIG/MAG, flux cored, MMA and Lift TIG welding outputs and offer an excellent power-to-weight ratio.

The series includes three units that use 120V/230V 1-ph mains power: the new Rebel EMP 205ic AC/DC (AC TIG capabilities for aluminium), Rebel EMP 215ic (for maximum portability) and Rebel EMP 235ic (more power for workshops). It also includes Rebel EMP 320ic, which uses 400V 3-ph mains power for production welding with a maximum output of 350A.

Weld with Confidence

All Rebel machines feature ESAB’s unique sMIG (“smart MIG”) function. With sMIG, users begin MIG/MAG welding by setting metal thickness and selecting wire diameter. Rebel will automatically adapt to any popular steel, stainless, chrome-moly or aluminium filler metal/gas combination. sMIG monitors the operator’s technique and continuously adapts the output to provide a stable arc and superior, repeatable welds. The sMIG feature takes away the doubt of welding with incorrect settings so novice welders can focus on their technique and learn faster, enables experienced welders to become productive more quickly and improves consistency between welding stations.

Rebel features a multi-lingual operator interface with colour LCD/TFT display that provides a graphical and intuitive way of selecting processes, setting parameters and fine tuning performance. The control display incorporates a built-in user manual with graphics and text to help with weld process set up, such as for connecting the work and ground leads to the correct terminals, as well as for ordering parts.

Every Rebel model lets users optimise MMA performance by selecting from one of two settings: Cellulosic Electrodes (e.g., E6010 or E6011) or all other Electrodes (e.g., E7018, E308, E309, E316). To further fine tune MMA performance, the Rebel features adjustable arc force and hot start control.

Full-featured TIG Controls

Rebel 205ic AC/DC (25.5 kg, maximum output of 235A) helps operators achieve better results by providing the type of advanced TIG controls found on industrial units. Users can adjust: AC wave balance control from 60 – 90 percent electrode negative (EN); AC frequency control adjustable from 25 – 400 Hz; pulsed DC TIG with outputs between 0.1 and 500 Hz; either EN or EP amperage to control the energy into the work piece or provide more cleaning action and use HF (High Frequency) non-contact arc starts. For fast process changeover, two gas inlets enable users to simultaneously connect to the gases used for MIG and TIG.

Portability and Power

Rebel 215ic weighs 18 kg, measures 584 x 229 x 406 mm and — like all Rebel welders — features a five-handle roll cage and unibody construction that integrates the front, back and top panels to provide superior durability for protecting internal components. When connected to 230V mains power, the machine provides a maximum output of 240A. When connected to 120V mains, it provides a maximum output of 140A. It accepts 100 and 200 mm wire spools.

Rebel 235ic weighs 24 kg and has a rated output of 235A at 40 percent duty cycle and a top output of 250A/30V, which covers the full range of 0.8 mm solid wires in both short arc and spray arc transfer. This allows users to take the full advantage of 0.8 mm solid wire for increased throughput and productivity. It handles 0.6 and 0.8 solid wires beautifully for thin-gauge work, and it also welds with 1.2 mm solid wires and 0.8 to 1.2 cored wires. It accepts 100, 200 and 300 mm wire spools.

Production Welding Made Easy

Rebel 320ic provides a rated output of 320A/30V at 40 percent duty cycle. The strong output enables users to gain the productivity benefits of spray arc welding with 1.0 and 1.2 mm mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium wires. A four-wheel drive roll system and a top wire speed of 20.3 m/min combined with great torque ensures accurate and consistent feeding of wires from 0.8 mm solid wires to 1.6 mm cored wires. Rebel 320ic accepts 200 and 300 mm wire spools.

Rebel 320ic weighs 31.4 kg and measures 686 x 292 x 495. Users can bring the powerful Rebel to the jobsite, manoeuvre it around a workshop using the customised trolley or keep it on a work bench, providing unmatched flexibility for shop and field work.

Rebel EMP 205ic AC/DC

Rebel™ compact inverter-based welding systems are designed for those who want the flexibility to go anywhere and weld anything.