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July 26, 2018

ESAB, a world leader in welding and cutting technologies, has made two significant improvements to its Tubrod 15.13 multi-purpose, all-positional welding wire: the low-temperature Charpy impact toughness is now considerably better and the wire is available in an additional smaller diameter of 1.0 mm.

TUBROD 15.13 has been a global leading rutile cored wire for decades, used for the construction of many of the ships currently sailing our oceans and numerous construction projects around the globe now.

Important changes to the composition mean ESAB Tubrod 15.13 now achieves excellent toughness at -40 °C which is a dramatic improvement over the -20 °C prior to the upgrade. The main benefit for users is that many applications can now be welded with just one wire whereas previously it was necessary to change wires to suit different grades of steel plate. Nevertheless, ESAB Tubrod 15.13 still maintains the same impressive array of approvals and classifications, making it suitable for markets as diverse as shipbuilding and general construction. For customers requiring support for any necessary weld tests and qualifications following the change in specification, ESAB can provide this support as well as advising on process optimization.

Previously ESAB Tubrod 15.13 was available in wire diameters of 1.2 to 1.6 mm, but ESAB has added a 1.0 mm wire for customers welding thinner plate or seeking a flatter bead profile than can be achieved with the 1.2 mm wire. ESAB Tubrod 15.13 has been a popular choice for many years due to its all-positional capability, self-releasing slag, excellent feedability and all-round ease of use, so ESAB has responded to customer requests for the same specification to be available in a thinner wire.

A premium cored wire that is easy to use in all positions including vertical-up, with or without backing material for root runs, ESAB Tubrod 15.13 is capable of deposition rates as high as 4-5 kg/h. It can be shielded using either Ar/CO2 or CO2 to produce a smooth, stable arc with minimal spatter. The new 1.0 mm wire will also benefit users by making it easier to achieve flat weld beads when welding thinner plate sections.

Customers specifying Tubrod 15.13 enjoy access to ESAB's renowned technical expertise. The company's extensive knowledge and experience can be called upon to assist maximizing productivity without compromising quality. Whether customers have welding equipment manufactured by ESAB or any other company, ESAB supports customers wanting to optimise their welding process with Tubrod 15.13.  

Tubrod 15.13