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ESAB will be exhibiting at the Wind Energy Show in Hamburg 25-28 September 2018

August 20, 2018

ESAB, a pioneer and leader in Submerged Arc Welding for decades, has recently developed three key tools to optimise welding process control and parameter settings which allows an increase in productivity & quality which also simplifies operations and reduce costs. ESAB will be exhibiting at Wind Energy Show in Hamburg on 25-28 September 2018 on stand B7-506.

The first tool being exhibited will be ESAB's Adaptive Welding Control System which reduces the number of operators needed to control the welding process and simplifies welding operation which minimises operator error.

ESAB's second aid will be the ESAB ICE™ process which combines with the adaptive Welding Control System to increase deposition rates, reduce consumables costs and also reduce the overall cycle time of the final product from start to finish.

ESAB's third aid will be the WeldQas™ weld management system.  WeldQAS enables data-driven decision making, facilitating the jobs of welding engineers and quality control personnel to guarantee the highest levels of production and quality. ESAB combines these three tools into a single solution that allows customers to remain competitive and successful in their daily operations.

ESAB ensures the best quality, highest productivity and the highest cost savings for production of wind towers, monopiles, pressure vessels and associated structures

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