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Origo™ Mig L305/L405'

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Origo™ Mig L305/L405

Origo™ Mig L305/L405

The Origo™ Mig L305 and L405 welding package is ideal for welding applications within auto repair workshop, general steel fabrication, the vehicle industry and household and furniture manufacturers.

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  • The package consists of the Origo™ Mig L405 power source, Origo™ Feed L302 or L304 wire feed units, a connection set and the PSF™ 405 welding torch.
  • 40 voltage steps optimum settings for each application with L405. 10 steps voltage with L305.
  • Two inductance outlets – easy to optimise settings for
    different applications.
  • P 23 – fit for safe out of doors applications.
  • Easy-to-use panel for quick set up.

  • Specifications


    Fuse Slow - Amps 20 A
    Fuse Slow - Amps 16 A


    Fuse Slow - Amps 20 A
    Fuse Slow - Amps 16 A

    Input Voltage

    Model Origo Mig L305 Origo Mig L405
    Frequency 50 Hz 50 Hz 60 Hz
    Phase 3 3 3
    Voltage 400/415 V 230/400-415/500 V 230/400-460 V

    Power Specifications

    Model Origo Mig L305 Origo Mig L405
    Open Circuit Voltage 17-40 VDC 17-45 VDC
    Protection Class IP23 IP23


    Model MCableX
    Origo™ Mig L305 4x2.5
    Origo™ Mig L405 4x2.5


    Origo™ Mig L405

    Weight 142 kg

    Origo™ Mig L305

    Weight 89 kg

    Welding Output

    Model Duty Cycle Output Current Output Voltage
    Origo Mig L305
    Origo Mig L305 25 % 300 A 29 VDC
    Origo Mig L305 60 % 190 A 24 VDC
    Origo Mig L305 100 % 150 A 22 VDC
    Origo Mig L405
    Origo Mig L405 50 % 400 A 34 VDC
    Origo Mig L405 60 % 365 A 32 VDC
    Origo Mig L405 100 % 280 A 28 VDC

    How to purchase Origo™ Mig L305/L405

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    Part Numbers and Accessories

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    Part Numbers : Origo™ Mig L305/L405
    Origo™ Mig L405 VA-meter (400-415V 50Hz) 0349313090
    Origo™ Mig L405w (400-415 V 50Hz) 0349306563
    Origo™ Mig L405 (400-415 V 50Hz) 0349306517
    Origo™ Mig L405 (230/400-415&500 V 50Hz, 230/440-460 V 60Hz) 0349306594
    Origo™ Mig L305 (400-415 V 50Hz) 0349309700

    5 m mains cable, wheels, return cable with clamp, gas bottle platform and a guide pin for the wire feeder.

    Accessories : Origo™ Mig L305/L405
    Stabilizer 0349303475
    Transformer for CO2 heater 0349302250
    Turning piece for Aristo Feed and Origo Feed MPac versions 0458703880
    Spool cover, plastic 0458674880
    Origo Feed L304, open 0459495882
    Connection cable 10.0 m 50 mm² water-cooled 0459532892
    Connection cable 15.0 m 50 mm² water-cooled 0459532893
    Connection cable 5.0 m 50 mm² water-cooled 0459532891
    Connection cable 15.0 m, 50 mm² 0459532883
    Connection cable 10.0 m, 50 mm² 0459532882
    Connection cable 5.0 m, 50 mm² 0459532881
    Connection cable 1.7m, 50 mm² for air- and water-cooled feeder 0459532880
    Quick connector Marathon Pac™ F102440880
    Digital instrument for Origo™ Mig L305 0349302598
    Digital instrument for Origo™ Mig L405 0349302451
    PSF 405 Torch, 4.5m 0458401883
    PSF 405 Torch, 3m 0458401882
    MiniBoom Counterbalance Device* 0458705880
    Strain relief for connection cables 0459234880
    Lifting eye 0458706880
    Adapter for 11 lbs. (5 kg) spool 0455410001
    Strain relief for welding gun 0457341881
    Wheel kit, Warrior feeder 0458707880
    Stabilizer 0349303474
    Reinforcer kit for counterbalance 0349309748
    Origo Feed L302, open 0459495782
    Origo Feed L304w, open 0459495892