Filarc PZ6138S SR


Filarc PZ6138S SR

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An all-positional rutile cored wire for use with C1 providing very good toughness down to -60°C after stress relieving. Diameters less than 1.4 mm are all-positional except vertical down.


Typical Charpy V-Notch Properties

Stress Relieved
Impact Value 83 J
Shielding Gas C1 Shielding gas
600 °C
2 hr
Testing Temperature -60 °C

Typical Tensile Properties

Condition As Welded Stress Relieved
Shielding Gas C1 shielding gas C1 Shielding gas
Tensile Strength 579 MPa 560 MPa
Yield Strength 498 MPa 480 MPa
Elongation 28 % 25 %
Testing Time 2 hr
Testing Temperature 600 degC

Deposition Data

Current 175-350 A
Deposition Rate 2.8-8.1 kg/h
Diameter 1.2 mm
Voltage 25-38 V
Wire Feed Speed 5.6-12.8 m/min


Weld Metal SFA/AWS A5.29 : E81T1-Ni1C J
SFA/AWS A5.36 : E71T1-C1P8-Ni1
SFA/AWS A5.36 : E81T1-C1A8-Ni1
EN ISO 17632-A : T 46 6 1Ni P C1 1 H5


Approvals ABS 5Y42M H5
ABS 5Y46M H5
BV 5Y42 H5 (C1)
BV 5Y46 H5 (C1)
CE EN 13479
DNV V Y46MS (H5) (C1)
DNV V Y42MS (H5) (C1)
GL 5Y42H5S (stress relieved)
GL 5Y46H5S (as welded)
Approvals are based on factory location. Please contact ESAB for more information.

Consumable Characteristics

Alloy Type Low alloy
Welding Current DC+

Typical Weld Metal Analysis %

Typical Weld Metal Analysis %
C Mn Ni Si
C1 Shielding gas
0.05 % - 0.90 % 0.30 %
C1 shielding gas
- 1.20 % - -

Part Numbers and Accessories

Part Numbers : Filarc PZ6138S SR
FILARC PZ6138S SR 1.2mm 15kgVP 288812247V FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
FILARC PZ6138S SR 1.2mm 16kgVP 288812773V FIND A DISTRIBUTOR