OK Tubrod 15.13


OK Tubrod 15.13

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A multi-purpose, all-positional wire for use with Ar/CO2 gas or CO2 producing spatter-free welds with a self-releasing slag over a wide application base, but it is ideally suited for shipbuilding thanks to its ease of use and excellent feedability. Vertical-up welds, with or without the use of a backing material for root runs, are the hallmark of this wire, where deposition rates of 4-5 kg/h can be achieved.


Typical Charpy V-Notch Properties

Impact Value Testing Temperature
as welded c1 shielding gas
128 J -20 degC
as welded m21 shielding gas
135 J -20 degC

Typical Tensile Properties

Condition As Welded As Welded
Shielding Gas C1 shielding gas M21 shielding gas
Tensile Strength 601 MPa 620 MPa
Yield Strength 535 MPa 550 MPa
Elongation 25 % 26 %

Deposition Data

Current Deposition Rate Diameter Voltage Wire Feed Speed
150-350 A 2.1-7.5 kg/h - 1.2 mm - - - 23-35 V 5.8-20.7 m/min
150-350 A 1.8-6.3 kg/h - 1.4 mm - - - 22-34 V 3.3-11.6 m/min


Weld Metal SFA/AWS A5.36 : E71T1-C1A0-CS2-H4
SFA/AWS A5.36 : E71T1-M21A0-CS2-H8 H8 (for 1.2 and 1.4mm only)
EN ISO 17632-A : T 42 2 P C1 1 H5
EN ISO 17632-A : T 46 2 P M21 1 H10


Approvals ABS 3SA, 3YSA H5 (C1 & M21)
BV SA3M, SA3YM H5 (M21)
CE EN 13479
DB 42.039.21
DNV III YMS (H5) (M21)
GL 3Y H10S (M21)
GL 3Y H5S (C1)
LR 3YS H5 (M21)
LR 3YS H5 (C1)
PRS 3YS H5 (C1 & M21)
RINA 2YS H5 (C1)
RINA 3YS H5 (M21)
RS 3YH5 (C1)
RS 3YH5 (M21)
VdTÜV 05019
Approvals are based on factory location. Please contact ESAB for more information.

Consumable Characteristics

Alloy Type C Mn
Welding Current DC+

Typical Weld Metal Analysis %

Typical Weld Metal Analysis %
C Mn P S Si
Shielding Gas C1
0.059 % 1.33 % 0.012 % 0.009 % 0.63 %

Part Numbers and Accessories

Part Numbers : OK Tubrod 15.13
OK Tubrod 15.13 1.2mm 16kg 1513127730 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
OK Tubrod 15.13 1.2mm 48x16kg 1513127790 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
OK Tubrod 15.13 1.2mm 4x5kg 1513125600 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR