Pipeweld Orbiter


Pipeweld Orbiter

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The Pipeweld Orbiter is a light weight bug for orbital welding of pipe and pipelines allowing the use of 1 system for diameters of 8" pipe and above without the need to swap the drivetrain. The Pipeweld Orbiter is not sided and the same unit can weld both sides of the joint. The unit has its own wire feed system and torch eliminating the need for secondary feeders, torch hose packs and cables. The only supplies required are control, power and gas resulting in accurate and precise electrode positioning and unrestricted orbital travel.


  • The machine is of lightweight construction to ensure ease of handling by the operator
  • Ability to go in either direction and 360 degrees enables one machine to complete a weld joint, welding direction (up or down) is changed via a rocker switch
  • The on board control box enables a wide range of welding parameters to be stored which are programmed and downloaded from Hand Held Programming Unit (HHPU)
  • The motor, gearboxes, lead screws, and bearings are designed for heavy duty long life
  • All of the software for the HHPU and controller can be upgraded on-site or in-house via e-mail


  • Offshore Oil
  • Pipe Construction
  • Pipeline
  • Marine and Offshore

Specifications and Dimensions

Travel Speed 15-150 cm/min

Capacities and Temperatures

Max. Spool Diameter 200 mm
Pipe Diameter 200 mm
Wire Diameter 0.8-1.2 mm
Wire Feed Speed 5-15 m/min
Wire Spool Capacity 5 kg
Wire Type Solid Wire
Max. Spool Diameter 200 mm
Pipe Diameter 200 mm
Wire Diameter 1.2 mm
Wire Feed Speed 5-15 m/min
Wire Spool Capacity 5 kg
Wire Type Flux Cored Wire

Welding Specifications

50 mm
55 mm
Oscillation Width 26 mm
Gas pre-flow and post-flow 0-20 sec
Crater Fill Time 0-2 sec
Burn Back Time 0-5 sec

Measurements and Dimensions

Weight 16 kg
Conditional Qualification w/o wires & Cables

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Part Numbers and Accessories

Part Numbers : Pipeweld Orbiter
Pipeweld Orbiter Bug 0459990380
Accessories : Pipeweld Orbiter
Pipeweld Orbiter Prog Kit* 0459990381
Pipeweld Orbiter Tool Kit** 0459990382
Travel Band 10.75 in. 0459990383
Travel Band 12.75 in. 0459990384
Travel Band 14 in. 0459990385
Travel Band 16 in. 0459990386
Travel Band 18 in. 0459990387
Travel Band 20 in. 0459990388
Travel Band 200 mm (8 in.) w/Extensions 0459990525
Travel Band 22 in. 0459990389
Travel Band 24 in. 0459990390
Travel Band 26 in. 0459990391
Travel Band 28 in. 0459990392
Travel Band 30 in. 0459990393
Travel Band 32 in. 0459990394
Travel Band 34 in. 0459990395
Travel Band 36 in. 0459990396
Travel Band 38 in. 0459990397
Travel Band 40 in. 0459990398
Travel Band 42 in. 0459990399
Travel Band 44 in. 0459990400
Travel Band 48 in. 0459990401
Warrior Adapter Box 0464562880